Our Vision

Corporate Vision

Contributing to a secure environment on Earth through spatio-temporal modelling and visualisation of natural science and environmental data.

We felt the world was big and there was so much more. But today, news of environmental destruction, hunger, global warming, water shortages, and inequality circulate around the world day and night. So, like many, the desire to turn away becomes numb is great. If only people and the planet were not so unbalanced … perhaps we would achieve stability between “consumption” and “production” on a global scale.

We do not want to choose an irresponsible way of living for our future.

Amazing technology is constantly being created in the 21st century. Meaning it is not too late to make a change. The huge amount of data being generated every moment is proof of progress. If we combine experience with underlying principles, we can find ways to estimate the future and take appropriate actions.

We can contribute to the creation of a more secure way of life for the future by proposing technologies that support “feeling, thinking, and acting” through more flexible handling of data.

Our Values

  • Proposing ingenious ideas
  • Tackling new challenges
  • Learning from our lessons
  • Applying our experience
  • Personal integrity

Corporate Message

Maximize the motivation and satisfaction of all efforts to protect, nurture, and carefully use our resources, and to contribute to the creation of “sustainable and secure” future for everyone. To create a better balance between production and consumption of natural resources.