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“Achieving a balance between production and consumption of natural resources”

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Contributing to a sustainable and secure future for people and society


We are all dependent on resources from nature for our daily lives. Yet natural resources are not without limit, meaning it is difficult to ignore the impact that such activities have on the environment. While using natural resources carefully, it is possible to use an iterative process of monitoring the condition of the natural environment. Occasionally, taking active measures and seeing their benefits. This is similar to a medical assessment of the natural environment.

New technology and computational techniques can be used to simulate systems of nature. Data collection, databases and monitoring equipment are all important to deeply understand its natural state. Equally, using such abundant data effectively is important. Thus, as in medical services, we need to treat the natural environment with efficient and effective care and attention.

We now live in an age of cloud computing, where anyone can access huge amounts of information and perform tasks that were previously impossible to achieve. By focusing on data (scientific evidence), taking appropriate actions and visualising these effects in an easy-to-understand manner, we can help energise our efforts, along with people, companies, and communities, to move towards a better environment for everyone.

Blue Earth Security will continue providing unique technologies to support a better future for all.

Koji Mori


Blue Earth Security Co., Ltd.


Natural resource security

Our daily lives and businesses depend on the planet’s natural resources such as water, soil, plants and the ecosystem. Our efforts to address sustainability of natural resources, by carefully maintaining a proper balance between consumption and production, can be described as natural resource ‘security’.

Integrated monitoring platform

Powerful software tools for data monitoring, data storage, computer simulation and infographics are essential for assessing the sustainability of natural capital. As we recognise the importance of an integrated software environment to use these tools effectively, we are developing a state-of-the-art cloud computing platform.

Indicators and standards that help change behaviour

Company Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business. To achieve this, it is essential to have a quantifiable status ‘Indicator’ along with ‘Criteria’ to which it can be measured against. This criteria and indicator relationship (C&I) plays an important role in visualising the progress and effectiveness of CSR related projects.


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