Ecoplot® Cloud Service
A modern interactive data visualisation platform

Connect map and time-series

  • In order to efficiently identify features and trends in Big data, it is important to make a strong link between spatially and temporally varying information.
  • ‘Ecoplot’ visually provides this link between the geographical location and time series data plots, thus helping to identify regional features and trends.
  • All basic features are included such as zooming in and out of data through mouse control, along with more advanced features like component decomposition and correlation analysis.
  • As long as measurement points and time series data are available, data from any field can be displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, showing unique insights.
  • By simply importing a data set (e.g. as CSV format) anyone can feely get their interactive visualisations.
  • Suggestions and hypotheses derived from the data can be considered for further analysis.