Recent external presentations

31 December 2019

BES is working together with customers to disseminate results and implement findings through conference submissions and presentations.

  • Koji Mori (Blue Earth Security), Yoshiyuki Obara, Takaaki Nagayasu, Kenjin Fukuyama (JAEA). (2019). Data modelling and watershed visualisation in the Ningyo-toge mine site. The Japan Groundwater Association 2019 Autumn Meeting
  • Koji Mori (Blue Earth Security), Shuichi Arai, Chinatsu Maeda (Nissui-Con). (2018). Numerical and experimental study on the influence of groundwater on lake water quality, focused on sensitivity structure. The Japan Groundwater Association 2018 Spring Meeting
  • Shinjiro Yano (Suntory), Koji Mori (Blue Earth Security), Yasuhiro Tahara, Takashi Yoshida, Kazuhiro Tada (Geo-Environmental Technology), Maki Tsujimura (Univ. Tsukuba), Tomochika Tokunaga (Univ. Tokyo). (2017). Development and Application of Field Survey and Modeling Techniques for Groundwater Recharge Estimation. 2017 Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hydrological Sciences in commemoration of its 30th anniversary