Integrated monitoring technology for the security of natural resources

High quality monitoring

Companies that thrive in the 21st century place significant importance on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are taking positive measures to protect the environment. These initiatives are not just aimed at improving the company’s image or for volunteering purposes but are integrated into the core business of the company to ensure business continuity. Social trends, such as environmental accounting and business rating information for investment institutions by CDP Water and others, are encouraging.

The era in which humans are demanding more natural resources and services than what the planet can provide may be beginning to change.

It can be difficult to gain a comprehensive picture of any situation. As a result, we are often faced with situations where it is not clear what is required and how frequently it is required. The monitoring itself is not the goal. It must lead to further actions and a better relationship between people and the ecosystem. Nevertheless, a key factor remains: high quality data monitoring, with emphasis on how to visualise the impact of actions and determine what further actions can be taken.

Important points to consider

Integrating CSR with the core business requires both setting quantifiable targets and effective management.

Criteria & Indicators (C&I) are tools that can be used to quantify the gap between the current status of a situation (indicators) and a specific quantifiable target (criterion), such as business outcomes. Various C&Is have been proposed and commonly used across the world. However, which indicators to monitor, the level of criteria to use, and the combination of criteria to use, are all business specific parameters that need careful consideration. C&I selection also requires stakeholder analysis that carefully identifies the stakeholders of the business and their particular needs. The temporal and spatial scales to be monitored can also vary widely meaning a complete picture is required to avoid misaligned targets and to ensure an efficient and effective business.

Ultimately, we believe that the ‘plan–do–check–act’ (PDCA) cycle requires an iterative management framework that continuously monitors C&Is resulting in significant business improvements.

Expectations for an integrated monitoring platform for natural resource security

Clearly identifying business stakeholders, taking account of time and special considerations, selecting suitable C&Is and measuring progress within an iterative PDCA cycle. Along with visualising status as clearly as possible, we want to find better ways to interact with people and nature. Looking for ways to develop tools and improve accurately without waste.

A software platform that stores large amounts of information in a scalable database with a variety of integrated diagnostic tools for data analysis and numerical simulators, proving easy access to critical data and helping anyone perform analysis and monitor the status of their business in an easy-to-understand dashboard. From the software and dashboard, one can discover new knowledge that was previously not possible. Enabling deeper understanding that was previously difficult to comprehend.

Blue Earth Security is working to develop an integrated monitoring platform that will enable all business stakeholders to participate in the management and security of natural resources.


Security of Natural resources

In order to carry out our daily lives, natural resources such as water, soil, plants and the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem are vital. Efforts are required to achieve sustainability, using resources carefully, and achieving an appropriate balance between consumption and production. This can be considered the security of our natural resources.

Integrated monitoring platform

Powerful tools for monitoring and simulation, along with databases and infographics are essential to constantly assess the sustainability of our natural resources. Recognising the importance of environmental interactions allows us to freely operate these tools and develop platforms based on cutting-edge cloud computing.

‘Indicators’ and ‘Criteria’ that change behaviour

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integrated into the core of many businesses. Measuring qualifiable ‘Indicators’ and determining the ‘Criteria’ against which they are measured are also vital business activities. Meaning that the visualisation of C&Is can help promote CSR and change business behaviour.