Closed mines

Promoting the safety and security of resources for the benefit of communities

Water that comes into contact with the ore body at a mine site is discharged into the natural watershed after undergoing water treatment and meeting appropriate water quality standards. The amount of water that comes into contact with the ore body and the extent of treated necessary depends on the geographical location of the mine along with other environmental conditions such as weather, topography and geology.

To quantify the effectiveness of water treatment by mine operators and to prevent potential contaminant leakage, it is necessary to take suitable baseline measurements, specific to a given region.

We integrate modelling and visualisation methods using large amounts of historical data to contribute to the development of smart and appropriate management techniques.

Examples of our work

  • Study of project framework for mine site remediation
  • Background analysis of environmental monitoring data
  • Integrated basin modelling to investigate groundwater flow pathways

Catchment area identification of mine drainage water inflowing to closed tunnels