Groundwater / soil contamination and remediation

Water and land as precious natural capital

In a large, populated city, how we use water and land is one of the few ways in which we can determine the relationship between the natural environment and human activity.

Clean water and uncontaminated land are one of the most important requirements for health safety and security.

When a site is found to be contaminated, it requires a detailed investigation to be carried out, but appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure that the water and land are safe to use again, taking into account the possible impact on downstream areas.

BES provides a variety of data analysis, evaluation, and impact prediction services based on computer simulations, which are necessary for the protection of water and land.

Predicting the remediation effect of air sparging and soil vapor extraction for cleaning (TOUGH3 simulator): We support the design, prediction, and visualization of various in-situ remediation plans that are difficult to perform in laboratory experiments by capturing the complex non-isothermal multiphase fluid flow in subsurface environment.

Examples of results

  • Simulation to predict the effects of special in-situ purification methods
  • Simulation of reactive solute migration in an experimental system
  • Simulation of groundwater contamination around a former factory site
  • Numerical simulation of an experimental system using a surface complexation model